Saturday 5 November 2011

Hard Rubbish Spotters Needed

Feedme is looking for spotters to help locate screens for this project. Everybody is trading up to digital flat screens but they’ll eventually run out so this project has only a limited life.

What do you need to do?
1. Send a text to 0417 588 172 when you notice a discarded TV sitting on the street and include the exact location.

2. I will make a piece in the street – yes in broad daylight. The TV with its new words stays where it was found. I   photograph it and send the pic to your mobile phone.

3. I make a post on including the photo, your SMS that located the TV and a link to the original website where the text came from.

4. If I can’t make it to the site and sometimes that happens or the TV has been removed before I make a work - I will text you.

Too easy – I make some art on the street and on the web, you get some art on your phone, the source blog gets some cred. and both the posts (old and new) get a new meaning by being connected up.


  1. What about cathode ray computer monitors? Or are you only interested in TVs?