Wednesday 9 November 2011

Nearly almost

Spotter 2: There's a tv on Blythe st in Brunswick east just west of Carnarvon. South side of the street.
FeedMe: Thanks will do it today.
FeedMe: Here's your pic. Quoting a blog by the same name very nearly almost
Spotter 2: Thanks it looks great

Sunday 6 November 2011

Hard Rubbish spotters needed

Spotter: Discarded television 4/16 Nicholson st fitzroy north
FM: Thanks I'll be there crack of dawn tomorrow.
FM: Are you having a lend of me? I'm on my way now and it just crossed my mind that you may be talking about the TV in your lounge room. Is it on the street? 
Spotter: Yes it's out the front of an apartment block. The numbers change on Nicholson st. Go past holden st /Brunswick rd towards Brunswick. Across the road from the pope Joan cafe.
FM: great thanks for that it's a big drive across the river.
FM: Here's your photo and thanks for the spot the quote comes from a blog 
called There ought to be silence

Saturday 5 November 2011

Hard Rubbish Spotters Needed

Feedme is looking for spotters to help locate screens for this project. Everybody is trading up to digital flat screens but they’ll eventually run out so this project has only a limited life.

What do you need to do?
1. Send a text to 0417 588 172 when you notice a discarded TV sitting on the street and include the exact location.

2. I will make a piece in the street – yes in broad daylight. The TV with its new words stays where it was found. I   photograph it and send the pic to your mobile phone.

3. I make a post on including the photo, your SMS that located the TV and a link to the original website where the text came from.

4. If I can’t make it to the site and sometimes that happens or the TV has been removed before I make a work - I will text you.

Too easy – I make some art on the street and on the web, you get some art on your phone, the source blog gets some cred. and both the posts (old and new) get a new meaning by being connected up.

Thursday 20 October 2011

Nobody wants to read but everyone wants to write

Quote originally published on Culture mulcher in a post about author Gary Shteyngart

"Nobody wants to read but everyone wants to ....What?" came a voice from behind Feedme who was sitting in the dirt applying the last five letter.
"Write, everyone wants to write" replied Feedme.
"I hope that's not true" responded the elderly gentleman in an accent that clearly placed his country of birth in Eastern Europe.
"I'm writing a book and I want lots of people to read it".
"What's the book", asked Feedme before applying the missing word.
"It's about about the Aboriginal people I worked with in Central Australia for 25 years and it's a very good story".

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Quoting the Smiths

Text: Big black tv on ellis street footpath on same side as but past kalimanrawlins gallery & bit further down from tristian koenig gallery on ...
oops, that went off by mistake but its in sth you do outside of st kilda? & how r u ??? KX
There is a light that never goes out by the Smiths and quoted organic robotix

Sunday 25 September 2011

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Wednesday 8 June 2011

Quoting petemaskreplica

 Corner of Milton St and the Broadway

Barkly Street, Elwood

Quotes originally posted on notes from a defeatist

Monday 21 March 2011

Art vandals will not prevail

The contest in public space really played itself out this week with several works being covered by other rubbish. This one fell victim within the first hour with a strategically placed ironing board obscuring the text, a condition that is easily rectified. However, when Feedme did the rounds a few days later, another form of complaint was registered by a disgruntled member of the public - vandalism. At first it looked like an attempt had been made to play around with the letters but on closer observation, their dismembered parts were scattered on the grass. Never mind - with plenty of replacements at the ready, Feedme quickly reinstated the quote to amuse, challenge or aggravate the residents of Charnwood Grove - hopefully for a few more days.