Sunday 16 December 2012


The rubbish truck was already loading a perfectly good futon couch into the compactor and the TV was next. ‘Do you have to take that too’, I asked. 
Yes was the resounding reply above the mashing teeth of the machine. 
‘I’ll take it home then’ – I lie. After the text was inserted, it remained on Southey St Elwood for at least another week.

Quoting the artist Erwin Wurm

Monday 30 January 2012

Saturday 14 January 2012

In which one memory unseats another

D: TV at 21 Milton St Elwood
D: also, just spotted 2 big tellys in Mitford St at 15 & 67.
Feedme: Thanks, will get there this arvo.

D: Just noticed 15 is gone already!
FM: Must be the bermuda triangle for tvs

D: Hi again, strange but both Tvs are there again this morning.

Quote comes from the Beloga blog

More nothing

Spotter 3: tvs chapel st, opposite nursery xx cxxxxx

FM: Here's the pic. It is quoted from a website by the same name everythingandnothing
BTW - While making this work t had an interesting conversation withe a guy who buggered his shoulder on a gym machine. He said all his friends reckon he should sue the gym. He reckons it was his own fault. Is this a #first world problem? To sue or not to sue?